The reason behind my blogs


I thought a logical thing to do would be to introduce myself and talk about why I have decided to start up a blog….lets get started!

I have recently finished school (i’m 18) and thought I should probably use my time more productively that I have been these past few weeks – I’ve just been sitting around the house and sunbathing in the garden. It was a really big change going from such a strict routine during exams to literally being a human cat and lounging around all day (don’t get me wrong the life of a cat sounds great to me but i’d rather be doing something worthwhile). It’s a strange feeling because despite doing nothing, I feel as though i’m doing everything..the little things take up the most time such as tidying my room and sorting out my washing.

I have always had the desire to write a diary/blog and have done in the past but I thought ‘why not do it now?’, so I did.

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